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Monthly Garden Tips


  • Uncover and remove winter mulch from roses, spring bulbs, and perennials.
  • Divide and replant overgrown perennials.
  • Till flower and vegetable garden soil and add composted cow manure, rice hulls, peat moss, or composted leaves.
  • Remove rose cones.
  • Plant frost-tolerant pansies and Johnny-jump-ups for early spring color.
  • Plant trees and shrubs as soon as the ground is dry enough for digging; late frost and snow will not hurt newly planted trees.
  • Apply fresh mulch around trees and shrubs for weed control.
  • Prune hedges and summer-flowering shrubs. Check for damage and remove broken branches.
  • Remove tree wrap when snow melts.
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs.
  • Apply crabgrass preventer to lawns.
  • Fertilize spring bulbs when foliage emerges.
  • Wait until the ground is frost free before removing mulch; if temperatures rise early in the season, remove part of the mulch but leave at least two to three inches.
  • Till or spade the soil deeply; if desired, add a slow-release flower-garden fertilizer.
  • Evergreens can be pruned at almost any time except late in the growing season


  • Work fertilizer into vegetable and flower gardens before they are planted.
  • Fertilize roses and begin maintenance program against black spot and mildew.
  • Mulch flower gardens to conserve moisture and reduce weed growth.
  • Install peony hoops.
  • Protect gardens from deer browsing.
  • Plant summer-blooming bulbs.
  • Plant Minnesota Grown annuals and geraniums after frost is no longer a danger.
  • Apply pre-emergent weed control in shrub and planting beds.
  • Remove accumulated leaves and debris from underneath evergreens and shrubs.
  • Prune forsythia, azaleas, and lilacs after they have flowered; all spring-flowering shrubs should be pruned right after flowering.
  • Begin apple-tree spray programs after blossoms drop.
  • Make sure freshly planted trees and shrubs are watered weekly, especially during dry periods. Continue to water through the season.
  • Prune mugho pines when new growth is fully grown and soft.
  • Fertilize established trees, evergreens, and shrubs. Start a fertilizer program.
  • Rake, overseed, and fertilize the lawn. Avoid applying crabgrass preventer to newly overseeded areas. Seed new lawns while nights are still cool and the weather is wet.
  • Control dandelions and creeping Charlie by applying herbicide before heads are formed.
  • If spring-flowering bulbs aren’t doing well, dig up bulbs after the foliage has died and divide.


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